Fashion trends and trends in the Internet are relevant in 2020, part 1

Can we change the subject?

And start using quarantined time for your own benefit?

For example, generate ideas for your future housing based on your ... dream!

We keep up with the trends without leaving home and understand what fashion trends in the interior are relevant in 2020.


This year, the focus of (even remotely) styles:

  • Art Deco - smooth lines, elegant shapes, harmonious contrast of deep colors and minimalism in space;
  • modern - the embodiment of the elite in the interior;
  • eclecticism - this multifaceted direction does not lose and will not lose its relevance for many more years;
  • Memphis is a mix of original forms, rich accents, shades and ornaments. Here, paintings, collages, a variety of textures and materials are appropriate.

Color combinations.

The combination of colors in the interior is our state of mind at home. They are able to give us a sense of harmony and security, inspiration and relaxation if, of course, they are correctly selected:

  • caramel and white color. Caramel can be in both honey and wood shades. But in combination with white any tone of caramel will work for spiritual harmony and comfort;
  • blue is back in business. And to combine it is fashionable and beautiful with gold / white-gold and black and white colors. This is chic, it is elegant and indecent photogenic!
  • marsala - gold - raspberries - wood - a super combo for the home, in which there is always a place for vivid emotions even in quarantine.

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