The latest trends in the interior design 2020 №2

Color rather than color combinations.


Sometimes one color decides the fate of the whole room and even more. What color to choose this season and why:

  • French vanilla – gives a sense of sunlight. Needless to say, that it is sunlight that plays an important and positive role in our mood. This color is functional for small rooms, expanding them visually.
  • mint - pure relaxation. Even wine can lose its relevance in a room in mint shades - because you are already relaxed :)
  • hazelnut - exclusive, restful and extremely stylish choice.
  • gray-green. Not boring, but refreshing and versatile.
  • warm gray. Noble and never annoys. It can always be supplemented with a wide range of other colors, emphasizing their benefits.


  • marble with expressive veins. Color is of your choice. What is the trick? Marble will never lose its importance and premium status;
  • natural wood. Like marble, wood is always equal to good taste and a versatile stylish choice;
  • patterned finish - terrazzo. Formerly floor covering is now a material for finishing walls and even furniture!
  • elegant velvet and leather finishes;
  • gold-plate materials - the trendiest emphasis in 2020.