Construction during the quarantine: GEOS CC commissions three projects

The leading Ukrainian developer’s work continues even during the quarantine.

The Covid 19 pandemic has been a real test for both Ukrainain and global businesses. Developers have had to place their construction projects on hold and push back the deadlines for projects. However, there were some who were able to overcome these unexpected difficulties.

Maksym Barbash, head of the Board of Directors of the Company, told us how GEOS has been able to implement three projects during the quarantine period. “No-one was prepared for the sudden outbreak of the pandemic and its consequences, and I cannot say the global lockdown wasn’t an obstacle to GEOS. After all, everyone was in the same situation. For us, there were two main objectives: to avoid pausing the construction process and to preserve the safety of our team. While our office staff managed the process from home, our construction staff continued to work to schedule, in full accordance with the working conditions permissible during the quarantine and while maintaining social distancing.”

“We can imagine the feeling an investor may experience when construction stops during a pandemic. Freezing construction is an extremely risky move, which is why we recognized we needed to adapt to the new reality as quickly as possible without any interruptions to our work. Our reputation is built on trust, and we knew that trust is built on us finishing the construction process. You can’t rehabilitate the reputation of a company with unfinished developments in its portfolio. In the entire 18-year history of GEOS, we’ve never had a single freeze and all our developments were conducted without significant delays. Quarantine was no exception. We commissioned three Kyiv projects out of five at once: the AuRoom RC, the Melody Park RC and the first stage of the Family&Friends RC. The last two have already been assigned their addresses!”

“On 20/82 Pankovska Street, the AuRoom business class residential complex is ready for your own renovations. This is a project for those who want to take a step away from the events of the capital city. The residential complex is minimalistic, visually in tune with the historical centre and has a chamber composition of 120 apartments.”

“Simultaneously, the construction of a very different project was completed with the end of the 2nd stage of the Melody Park RC in Prolisky Village, Shchaslyva Street. This comfort class project is located in the shade of suburban parks and forests just seven minutes’ drive from Kyiv. Only one and two-bedroom apartments are available in the residential complex.”

“The third project, ready to accommodate hundreds of families, is the Family&Friends RC, 1st stage, Novopolova Street. This residential complex is a symbiosis of life in the capital and the suburbs. In this project, we focused on family values. Family&Friends is a favourable and comfortable place to build a future with your family.”

“While the Family&Friends Residential Complex still has several stages of construction ahead, the AuRoom RC and Melody Park RC are 100% complete.”

Maksym Barbash also added that other GEOS CC projects in Spain and Hungary are proceeding according to plan and that there is no reason for investors to worry about the impact of the pandemic on any developments. If you want any further confirmation of this, just read above.