Results 2020 for the Domik portal

We take a comprehensive approach to this issue, study the complete documentation on the land plot, investigate the social infrastructure, conduct a detailed analysis of competitors' facilities, make detachments from them and create a dream complex in which our future investors will live wonderfully. We create residential complexes in which we want to live ourselves, but we understand that our vision may differ slightly from what our buyers want to see. Therefore, we constantly collect feedback and draw the right conclusions. To offer people the accommodation that suits them best.

- What predictions can you give on the cost per square meter in your new buildings for 2021, depending on the class and degree of readiness of the object?

- In 2021, a traditional rise in housing prices is expected. Given a stable economic and political situation in the first quarter, prices will remain relatively unchanged, and by the end of the year they will rise. This fluctuation in the average cost per square meter can be 10-15%.

The situation here largely depends on the dollar exchange rate. It directly affects the prices of building materials, which, in turn, affects the cost of building houses.

It remains undoubted and constant that when choosing an object for the purchase of housing, preference will be given to the object of that developer who has an impeccable reputation as a construction company that always completes all its residential complexes and always puts them into operation. The reputation of a RELIABLE developer plays a key role in making such an important decision.

- Last year, you commissioned your first European project - Ráday Residence, built in Budapest. Tell us about the features of the project.

- Raday Residence is a modern new building in the very center of the capital of Hungary - Budapest. The house is located on Raday Street in one of the central districts of the city - Ferencvaros. The house fits perfectly into the historical architecture of the center of Budapest.

Buildings that blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape are a trend. And when designing this residential complex, we did not retreat from it.

The design of the building immediately won the recognition of an international commission and received the largest international European Property Awards, as well as in 2019 in Hungary it received the title of "Real Estate Development of the Year".

Raday Residence is an 8-storey residential complex consisting of 3 buildings with 59 apartments. Important aspects in the design of the complex were both the active, cheerful atmosphere of this quarter, and the modern, elegant style characteristic of our days. In the lower part of the house there is a passage, from where shops open their doors on the ground level, offices are located on the ground floor.

The spectacular stepped roof structure houses luxury penthouse apartments with stunning city views. Among other things, the three-level underground parking is a convenience not only for residents of the complex, but also for guests.

Another plus of the RADAY complex is its convenient location. The nearest metro is just 200 meters from the house. The Danube embankment with many cafes and entertainment options is nearby. In addition, there are many kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, clinics and other important objects for life in the region.