Construction company GEOS joined the President's program "Affordable Mortgage at 7%" together with its financial partner "Globus Bank"

Basic lending conditions:

  • Compensation interest rate - 7%
  • Loan term - up to 20 years
  • Loan currency - hryvnia
  • One-time commission for granting a loan - 0.5% of the loan amount
  • Own contribution - from 15%

Borrower requirements:

customer category

Residents of Ukraine who have the goal of acquiring the first residential property or property rights to such a property, as well as improving living conditions, if the area of the residential property does not exceed the standard area *.

borrower's age

It must not exceed 60 years (inclusive) at the moment of the loan expiration date

borrower's income

The average monthly cash income of the borrower and each member of his family ** for the last six months should not exceed ten times the average monthly salary in the corresponding region of Ukraine where the subject of the mortgage is contained, calculated according to the official data of the State Statistics Committee.

* The normative area of the mortgage object is 50 sq. meters the total area for one person or a family of two and 20 sq. meters - for each next family member.

** Family members - a wife (husband), including persons living in a common way of life, have mutual rights and obligations, but who are not in a registered marriage (if the fact of living in one family is established in court), as well as their minors and minor children (under 18 years of age (majority), if by law they do not acquire the rights of an adult before) living with the borrower.