Harvest of discounts in BC GEOS ⠀

Are you satisfied that summer is so fast? BC GEOS changes the rules of the seasons! ⠀

This fall will be hot at%: ⠀

- Smart-apartment 5 minutes from Pechersk for UAH 734,000, -7% for an affordable mortgage in the Orange City residential complex and 

-3% for a house №6; ⠀⠀

- The minimum price from 17,500 UAH / m2 for 3-room apartments in ZhK Central with 100% payment is too much! ⠀

- The last apartments in the SENAT residential complex at the lowest price in the history of the project - the starting one;

- The last apartments in the second turn in the LCD Family & Friends at a minimum price or -7% on an affordable mortgage;

- Final sale of premium apartments on the first line of Pechersk in ZhK Aria at the minimum price from the developer;

If the main thing is the weather at home, then autumn is the best time for a new home

The best and most profitable from BC GEOS! ⠀

Invest without risks and with maximum benefit!