A solution is: You now buy an apartment in one of the 11 residential complexes from the GEOS Development Company and lease it, and get the rental income of about 10,000 UAH of net income per month at the minimum. Besides, for the future you own a marketable asset located in Kyiv, in a good district and in a good new building, which you can always sell or bequeath. You get a constant monthly income today, your growing children have housing, and in old age, you will have a stable income.

Why it is safe and profitable to invest in real estate?

  •  Investment in an apartment on the development stage is a profitable investment.
  •  Investment in real estate allows you to get income in two ways: to sell an apartment, which will yield up to 15% profits, and to rent it, which brings you a long-term   stable income.
  • To buy, you do not need to invest the full amount immediately - you can use a interest-free installment plan or a bank loan program.
  • Real estate investment is more reliable than a deposit.

By investing in real estate from GEOS DC, you get extra:

1. Guarantee from one of the best developers of Kyiv.

2. Apartment in a modern residential complex, which was designed to create the most comfortable living conditions, taking into account the latest technologies and security requirements. Each apartment in any residential complex from GEOS is an ideal spatial solution with rational planning, high ceilings, and unique characteristics.

3. The buildings are made using environmentally friendly and safe materials, certified in accordance with the Ukrainian and Western quality standards and have excellent heat-saving, insulating and wear-resistant characteristics.

4. An apartment in complex with its own infrastructure. This usually includes multi-lot parking, an adjoining area with children's playgrounds, a security system and other objects necessary for living.

5. An apartment in Kyiv at an affordable price. Flexible purchase conditions allow an individual approach to each client. For example, you can buy real estate in installments, when the first installment is only 30%. A system of discounts is also offered for customers, as well as the availability promotions and bonus offers.

6. Profitable investment. It is an open secret that buying a property is one of the most reliable means to save and multiply your money. Now you can buy an apartment or an office at a very affordable price. At the same time, real estate in Kyiv, in areas that are actively developed and refined, which fits perfectly both for living and doing business, will only grow in price in the future.