New victory of the GEOS CC

This time, two projects were awarded: the residential complex AuRoom (Kyiv, Ukraine) and the residential complex RADAY Residence (Budapest, Hungary).

GEOS Company competed with the best professionals in the real estate industry from European countries, and these objects were recognized the best ones in their categories:

AuRoom RC "High-Rise Construction"

AuRoom RC is a monolithic frame structure with glazed balconies, large windows and spacious terraces. Ventilated facade creates an expressive view of the complex, provides insulation of the walls, optimal temperature and humidity in the apartments. The house has 120 apartments, 60 parking lots on the two-level parking, 4 three-level penthouses with open terraces and spectacular views of the historic downtown. The project of the Residential Complex provides a children's playground and recreational facilities for adults.

RADAY RC "Residential Building"

RADAY C is a modern new building in the heart of the Hungarian capital - Budapest. The house is located on Raday Street in one of the city's central districts - Ferencváros. The construction of the RADAY Complex is carried out in accordance with the current European standards based on modern requirements for quality, safety and environmentally friendly housing. Architects skillfully fit the eight-storey building of three sections into the surrounding architecture, while the modern facade does not only disturb the overall harmony, but also gives the house its own unique style. The complex has one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three- bedroom apartments, as well as luxury five-room apartments with large terraces. On the ground floor, there will be a cafe and a fitness room, as well as several non-residential premises. Underground parking has 74 parking lots.

The European Property Awards is rated by an independent group of 70 industry experts. The rating focuses on design, service, innovation, originality and commitment to the traditions.

The judge's panel is headed by the Lord Lieutenant of Caithness, Lord Best, Earl of Liverpool and Lord Turso, Members of the House of Lords of the British Parliament.

The European Property Awards is the largest, most prestigious and widely recognized in the industry.