Family & Friends RC Children's Painting Contest Started

Children's pictures on the theme "House of My Dreams" are accepted to the competition.


1st place:

Tablet Bravis NB106 3G IPS Black;

2nd place:

"LEGO Creator" set;

3rd place:

Faber-Castell drawing kit;

4 to 10 places:

Children's educational games.

Pupils of grades 1-4 take part in the competition:

  • the gymnasium-boarding school N13, located at the address: 106 Novopolyova Str., Kyiv;
  • the general education school N 12, located at the address: 12 Zelena Str., Kyiv.
  • Stages of the competition:

    1. Acceptance of art pieces: from November 13, 2017 to December 1, 2017.

    2. Summing up - December 14, 2017.

    3. Awarding the winners - December 16, 2017.

    The competition results will be announced on December 14 at and on the Facebook page

    Children's pictures on the "House of my dreams" are accepted to the competition.

    Requirements to creative work.

    Pieces of art shall be made in accordance with the requirements:

    Picture of A4 format (210mm * 297mm);

    Compliance with the competition theme: "House Of My Dreams". The picture should depict the house. The picture should reveal the theme "House of My Dreams".

    It is necessary to sign a picture on the reverse side in the upper right corner and specify:

    1. Full name of a child;

    2. Age of a child;

    3. School number and class.

    Other requirements:

    There shall be only one author – a child; collective work of children is not accepted;

    Parents (educators, educators) can assist a child in drawing a picture, but shall play a supplementary role only;

    All works placed on the competition become the property of the organizers.

    There are two ways to send a work:

    1) Send a scanned picture to mail;

    2) Leave a drawing at the school's management for further transmission to the contest organizers.

    Voting, summing up:

    The winners are determined by voting on the Facebook page at The winner is the participant who gets more "likes".

    The competition winners shall be awarded by the organizers on December 16 at 12-00 on the site near the Sales Office of the Family and Friends RC at the address: 2 Novopolyova Str., Kyiv.

    All participants of the Competition whose drawings have not taken prize-winning places will be awarded with an e-CERTIFICATE for participation in the Competition.