Do you pay every month, but the apartment is still not yours? GEOS offers a solution.

Let imagine that you are trying to save up for an apartment, but at the same time live in a rented apartment or, for example, consider buying on credit. Let's optimize! If you do not have the full amount for an apartment, then you should choose one of the houses from GEOS.

Next, you sign a contract and make a down payment of only 30%. From this moment you can immediately move in the apartment. The rest of the amount will be paid by installments during the time specified in the contract with GEOS Building Company.

Under the terms of this contract, you pay only the net amount for the apartment, without interest and hidden fees! And, if, for example, in the same house someone who has previously bought apartment now sells it, then he will sell it only for 100% of the cost, while in GEOS BC you can buy it on the hire-purchase system and live in it now! Without payment for rented accommodation! Whithout overpay to banks!