GEOS Company summed up the results of 2018: expanded its presence in the EU and started work in the regions of Ukraine.

It’s high time to sum up the results of the year, analyze positions and with the new forces go to realization of the new plans of 2019.2018 was a good year for real estate market of Ukraine.

The new urban norms, which will leave only strong and stable companies on the market, which in its turn enhance the credibility to the market in general and to the individual companies, have been adopted. Rising dement of the commercial real estate is encouraging, which points on the developing of entrepreneurship and economics. In 2018 the Geos company also has reached all of planned ambitious goals and we really proud of these achievements. First of all, it’s an enhancement of our presence on European market. During the 2018 ,

on the EU territory, we started building of three more complexes. These are two new complexes in the Budapest nearby the Dunay’s quay. It is worth to notice, that now we have five complexes, which are in progress of building, in the central part of Budapest. And also we are opening a new market in Europe-Spain. Literally recently we announced about the beginning of construction of residential complex on Costa Blaca’s shore. The complex is situated on the first line of recreational zone and will have a big demand.

Despite the rising of our presence on EU, we also expand our geography in Ukraine. We’re starting to built in regions. Our first project will be RC Central in Zaporizhia. The complex of the business central will ne situated on the hill above the Dnipro River, opposite the reservation island-Khortitsa. We proud not only of our quantity achievements, but also of quality of all that we do. For the second straight year Confederation of Builders of Ukraine choose Geos company as the most reliable developer of Ukraine. It is a big honor and high recognition for us. One more important award in 2018 become international award European Property Awards 2018-CARDINAL Complex was marked as the best resedential high building of Europe.

We really proud of our awards which we get on Ukrainian and international contests, which one more time prove us that we are on the right way, fit modern architecture trends and building technologies in comparison with local and international competitors. But the most important reward for us-our clients recognition and trust. We work for you, and this is always a huge resposability,which we glad to.