RC Adamant entered in exploitation

Before getting the certificate we were carefully checking all details and readiness of the complex in general, to invite the owners of the apartments to their new home with the absolute assurance. The first thing they will see is going to be sophisticated house territory. The territory of the complex is completely closed and relive from the cars for which spacious 3 leveled underground parking is provided. Around the house territory there are set up : playground, sportsground, recreation area for kids and adults. In walking distance there are: forest park area, botanical garden, sport complexes, swimming pools, health-care facilities, beauty-salons, pre-schools, schools, library, skiing school.

Breathtaking view on a rapid city life is opening from the window. Afar you can see the takings off and landings of the airplanes. Horizon Is decorated by high-rise buildings of the renewed part of Pechersk and small houses of the old part of the city-center, from the other side- boundless green forest of the Holosiivkiy decent. Parks, which are situated literally in one block from the house, are supplementing the view. While RC Adamant had been created, we definitely knew that this complex is needed the panoramic view and open penthouse terraces, that you could with no problem observe Kiev’s view.

Thanks to parks with lakes and small houses on the big territory, population of the Solomenskiy decent, where the complex is situated, consist not less than 300 000 of residents. Thus, interchanges not overwhelmed with the traffic, and in a couple minutes you could easily get to the central streets such as: Zhilianska, Velyka Vasilkivska, Lva Tolstogo. Proximity between airport and railway station makes the placement even more convenient, there are in 10 minutes to go.

Rc Adamant-it’s a business class. Like in a passenger airliner, in business-class all necessary and even more invented in details, and treat the passengers with the comfort and care. 

Welcome on board!