GEOS building company is expanding it's geography -meet RC CENTRAL in Zaporizhya!

RC CENTRAL will be first business-class residential complex, which GEOS company starts to build in one of most picturesque hills of Dnipro River, in Zaporizhya.

Panoramic window view-is a business card of this complex. Breathtaking views will be opening from the lowest apartments

Floors. Except the sophisticated territory improvement, residents of the house could admire Dnipro River and reserved Hortitsa island in front of it. House is situated on the peak of the hillside of Dnipro river and exactly this provides to all of the residents incomparable views to all the city. This is exactly that case when you want to share your window view pictures everyday.

Rc Central will be a perfect place for those who loves activity and also for those who love leisure walks with baby carriage, because from the both sides there is a large city park-Voznesenovskiy.Presence of such big park, Dnipro river and Hortitsa island in front of provides fresh air for the residents of the complex.

Complex is surrounded by developed infrastructure of the city center and located in the epicenter of the business life. RC Central refers to business-class, which in turn suggests complex approach about organization of living space and comfort of all residents. First of all, underground parking with a lot of space for all of the residents of the house is provided. Business-class- it’s also spacious lobby, decorated by exclusive design with using high-quality materials.

Special attention deserves layout of the apartments. They were carefully designed with the taking into account company’s experience in Kiev and also in European markets, where company successfully creates modern apartments. Thus, in every particular apartment the space is enlarged as much as possible, and there is almost no unused space.

The most important - is the high level of landscape design and territory improvement

Houses construction is using high-quality modern materials by European standards.

The building od the first line is intended for 2 years. Also will be constructed children development center, fitness-center, underground parking, technical room and the grocery store.

See you in sales department!

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