​We are opening Geos space of innovations in Zaporizhya and for first guests

We offer special conditions. We are glad to invite you to the new Geos space! We want to get acquainted and tell you about RC Central. You already know, nearby this complex is all the best, but having visited us exactly where the complex will be situated you can see it on your own eyes. In person we will Tell you all the secrets and details. You will definitely want to choose one of the apartments with the view on Dnipro River and Khortitsia island!

Since RC Central- its our first object in Zapirizhya, our GEOS space of innovations is not only a sales department and also a space where you can get acquainted with GEOS company. It is a place where we represent you our complexes in Kiev and EU. Here we can tell you in details about or quantity of construction, about innovational decisions that we are using and technologies which are lying in basis of our complexes. We won’t be modest and tell you about our awards, which regularly win our complexes on international construction awards.

The most important-first week after opening there are special conditions on purchasing apartment in RC Central. Won’t delay our meeting! We are waiting for you Peremohy str. From 9:00-18:00 daily.