Ex-attorney’s from Donetsk are black-mailing building company-GEOS BC statement.

Constructing of a second line of the high-rise building on Kazimir Malevich 44-46 is blocking by ex-members of a prosecutor’s office who started black-mailing BC GEOS. 

The second line of constructing has to start on the BC’s land. Together with the residents of nearby high-rise building, which is situated on Yamska 34/35, we decided to construct big modern playground for kids, set up territory around the house, construct recreation zone in the yard. 

This playground will be set up before the construction of a second line will begin. Current quickly constructed playground is dangerous because of the location at the heating main. In case of emergency kids could get hurt.

That’s why we addressing the possibility of such cases and new playground will be ready before the start of house construction. Besides, our building company started negotiations with Yamska residents- together we were discussing future developing of the neighborhood, took a number of decisions about common zones of using. However, couple of law enforcement officers from Donetsk started black-mailing of building company. 

They require money for an opportunity to start construction-in other way they threatened with judicial proceedings, protests and blocking the road as soon as we start building at Kazimira Malevicha 44-46. BC GEOS claims that: “ we are not give in it and in our work is guide by Ukrainian legislation. We are ready to communicate with residents of Yamska 35/34 . We are ready for constructive dialogue, planning together development of territory around the house, set up common recreation zone. We are convinced: any situation should solve within the legal field. 

The days of impunity, when anyone with enforcement id, could ‘kick in’ money from entrepreneur, has passed. Building company is leading fear and clear business, we’re investing in capital’s development, people trust us. All that- result of many years of work at constructing market. We urge all activists , residents of Yamska 35/34, journalists, enforcement officers: do not give in to provocation couple of people, who decided to make money on company’s good name. We are open for the dialogue, but will never go by the blackmailers. 

Construction of the second line of high-rese building on Kazimira Malevicha we are planning to start as soon as possible. Solve, all the problems only within the law.