Bring your friend and get 30 000 hryvnas discount!

RC Melody park is constructing in Proliski village, Schastliva str. 7, in 7 minutes to Boryspilska metro station.

Building company Geos informed about promotion for investors of RC Melody Park. For bringing friend who also will buy one-room apartment in the second building line you will guarantee get 30 000 hryvnas discount.

To get detail information contact us :(044)2210588 or visit out sales department Kyiv region, Boryspilskyi district, Proliski village

Briefly about RC:

RC Melody Park become a part of closest suburb, surrounded by emerald forest park, it's freshness and cleanliness which are lack for citizens of the city. Complex is constructing in Proliski village, 10 minutes to go the nearest metro station without any traffic jam by flawless highway M-03- faster than from some districs of the capital.

Melody Park is situated very succesfully, it's a perfect place for leisure time and developing of kids and adults:

-safe territiry with no cars and strangers permitted

- beautiful window views with no grey high-rise buildings

-proximity with the forest park

-atmosphere for reacreation, inspiration and energy saturation

-an apportunity going to Kiev by public trasport

To get to Kiev you don't need to own a car, it's easy to go by public transport:

-to the Kharkivska, Boryspilska, Livoberezhna metro station

-Borispil airport

-developed infrastracture of Borispil city

Encounter first owners of stylish and prestigious accomodation in subburb!

To get detail information, watch the run of construction you can on our site