Modern,well-planned and really profitable for investing

Residential complex “ARIA”-maybe it’s a perfect place for active people. From the infrastructure and transport system point of view-it’s one of the best location of Kyiv. RC Aria-is a new quality space for leaving in a big city, where residence privacy, comfort, security, world-class service and rich developed infrastructure are combined.

The architecture of the complex deserves a special attention. The associations with world-famous buildings such as «Burj Khalifa» and «Trump Tower» are occur while looking at RC “ARIA”. It’s logically because of projectors were guided by modern trends in architecture.The architects of the project have made a recognizable silhouette composition which looks picturesque from every point of the city. Futuristic building was constructed from glass, steal and a dream. Dream about house which will impress those who sees it, and more-who lives there.

Worth only to come in you’ll be surrounded by peace and quiet of a comfort lobby. You can easily see high level of design and architecture of the building. High quality materials and decoration of common areas will complement the feeling of coziness. Thanks to the form and location of the building complex will always have a quiet backyard. The conception of the backyard with no cars will provide an additional comfort. Such territory around the house will become a favorite recreation place for the whole family.

Architectural company Kramal Studio, who created complex, being the first studio, which works by the “green projecting” conception by BREEAM standards. ARIA will be the first RC in Ukraine who claimed to receiveBREEAM certificate. For receiving such certificate during the projecting almost thousand different factors were taken into the account by GEOS architects and developers. The main task-is to construct a building creating of which wouldn’t hurt environment. This is refers to the area where it’s located, the process of construction, using materials and also exploitation.

The building has a big amount of panoramic apartments. Panoramic glazing except great lightning also gives a picturesque view on the city. Since the fact that building is located on the highest point of Pecherskyi district even from the lowest floors a breathtaking view is opening.Focusing on modern trends and needs of our audience, we created well planned layouts, where comfort and planned one-room apartment is having from 37 to 60 square meters ,two-room apartment-from 112 to 124 square meters. Thus, you can choose an optimal square footage for you. This also increases efficiency of investing in this object.

“Our company already created more than 20 object not only in Kyiv, but also in Europe. Constant learning of trends in construction, international experience and work in different segments of the market give us a giant amount of information despite on what we are taking decisions about filling of the building. We are making an accent on the quality of the materials, durability, energy-efficient and environmental friendliness of exploitation”-claims the chairman of Directing Council of BC GEOS Maxim Barbash.

RC ARIA- will be a flagman object of our company. 5 residential sections from 3 to 24 floors, cfeated in one futuristic conception will be new architectural dominant of Pecherskyi district which is no doubt is the most prestigious and status Kyiv district.

“ARIA”-is our 6th object in Pecherskyi district: Alter Ego at Laboratornyy lane, Cardinal at Anri Barbusa str, Richmond at Kudri str, Chelsea at Dilova str, Avenue 14-16 at Druzhby Narodiv blvr. By combining our whole experience during the construction of these 5 objects and collecting together all the best, taking into account investors’ wishes, we in the nearest future will translate all these achievements in the new object-RC ARIA!