Sale Start of the second line RC “Orange city”

BC Geos informs about starting a sale of the second line of RC “Orange city”-popular project, located near Vydybichi metro station. Prices start from 16000 per square metr.

Second line of RC “Orange city” consist of 6 residential houses 26 floors height with parking and two pre-schools for 400 kids.

Blocks were project with a large range of apartments: smart-. Studio- with different variety of layouts, one-room, two-room, three-room and also with popular euro layouts.

Customers could use different types of payment: installment and also credit program from bank partners.

RC “Orange city” is constructing in popular and developed Holosiivskyi district.

Residential complex differs by original bright architecture, which represents the name of our project. Infrastructure of RC thought out to detail and situated in walking distance: pre-schools, schools, physical and medical centers, shops and consumer services.

In a dwelling backyards for residents will be laid out a site for an active leisure and sports, bike path long more than 850 metres.

RC Orange city-it’s a perfect place for living in Kiev! It’s a house where morning starts with no rushing and traffic jam on your way to the work , where you can have a rest with your family without living the city, spending your time active and fun!

RC Orange city-it’s an affordable housing for everyone!

Additional information about layouts, pricing and conditions of purchasing an apartment you may seek in RC “ Orange city! sales department or BC GEOS central office.