Geos company is officially announcing about start of work in new region-Zaporizhia.

After 15 years of successful work in Kiev, start of 6 objects in Hungary’s capital and one object on Spanish shore, company is spreading it’s geography inside of Ukraine. Zaporizhia city welcomes the new complex infrastructure development from the GEOS company.

City government strongly supports appearing of big investors in a city and emphasizes that the creation of such complex facilities contributes to the developing of the city, as it creates comfortable conditions for doing business, living and relaxing for citizens.

Representatives of large enterprises, who also attended the conference, pointed to the development of the city's economy and growth prospects. In theirs opinion, excactly these factors are the main reason for the appearance of large developers in the city.

International developer Geos presented plans in Zaporizhia.The main part of Central complex will be a residential property-business-class viewing apartments. These are 4 energy-effective buildings with underground parking, closed territory and other specificities matching the business class. There are pre-school, fitness-center, grocery store, etc projected in the complex for the comfort of the residences. Within the complex project will be constructed River Park business center, a highlight of which will be open terraces with the Dnipro River and island Khortitsia view.

For the complex constructing company has chosen a picturesque place on Dnipro River shore in central part of the city.Zaporizhia-is one of the Ukrainian cities with the most rapidly growing economy. This fact confirm as private , like public investment in this region. Geos company is involving to invest in Zaporizhia.The leadership of the company point out favourable treatment to the investors and clearness of market entry conditions.