Location of the complex:
Kyiv, Anri Barbyusa St, 28A

The Complex is open for taking up


The CARDINAL RC offers luxury apartments with convenient planning and breathtaking views. Another advantage is an excellent transport interchange and proximity to all infrastructure objects.

An apartment in Pechersk is an ideal option for people who care about independence, a high standard of living, and their own time, so “Cardinal” adjoins business centers, shopping malls, and recreational areas. The panoramic windows of “Cardinal” reveal a picturesque view of the downtown Kyiv with its architectural marvels and green parks that allow an instant escape away from a noisy city to a clean, fresh-air environment.

Residential complex "Cardinal" offers all the opportunities for an active lifestyle. Apartments in the center of Kyiv provide an invaluable opportunity to quickly change location at your wish. RC "Cardinal" is a house, living in which is comfortable for working, studying, playing sports, spending time with children, shopping, and all within walking distance!

The project idea is to create an architecturally distinct building that will be an attraction of the capital’s downtown. The prestigious facade hides no less original solutions - it's 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-room apartments, as well as office rooms, insulated with mineral wool. The ceiling height is 3.3 meters, which allowed maximum sunlight into the room, thanks to the large windows.

The house is due for completion in Q2 of 2019!

House infrastructure:

- the complex consists of four sections of 22, 23, 10 and 6 floors, the first two of them are non-residential;

- children's playground and refined recreational area;

- two-level underground parking for 198 parking spaces;

- 4 elevators for passengers, 4 - for freight;

- in addition to the common meter, the apartments have meters for cold, hot water, electricity and heating.