Arenal Suites

Location of the complex:
Calle Alemania, 2, Calpe, Spain
starts at
3640 Євро/m2

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The construction company GEOS enters the Spanish market.

The construction company GEOS opens a Spanish unit.

After the successful launch of the Hungarian unit, GEOS decided to enter the Spanish market. Thus, the Arenal residential complex in Spain will become the sixth object that the developer is building in the European Union.

"We entered the international market. It is international in terms of our customers. After all, among buyers of Hungarian real estate a significant share is occupied by Chinese investors and residents of other European countries, except for the Hungarians themselves. Among residents of northern European countries, we saw the demand for real estate in more comfortable climates. They buy apartments in the southern part of Spain, where they spend the winter months. And the rest of the time the apartments are rented to tourists and bring a stable income to the owners. The CostaBlanca region was chosen by us after a detailed analysis of the real estate market. It is this region that has recently shown steady growth both in value and in the number of transactions. It has a good location relatively close to two major airports in the cities of Alicante and Valencia, "says Maxim Barbash about the new facility in Spain.


The Arenal complex belongs to the business class, which requires special attention to the materials used in the construction. In addition to the requirements according to the class of real estate, the Spanish town-planning norms come into force. First of all, these are high requirements for energy efficiency of the building. Thanks to modern solutions that we implement in the construction, the cost of electricity for house maintenance will be reduced by 60%. We also apply additional thermal insulation, which is usually neglected by local developers. Alternative energy sources will also be used in the house. All this helps us achieve high energy efficiency of the building. All stages of construction are controlled by third-party organizations that specialize in the required kind of work.

The Arenal complex is located in an amazing location both in terms of nature and landscape, and in terms of infrastructure. First of all, this is a pleasant Mediterranean sea - the house is located directly by the beach Arenalc with fine white sand. In the city of Calpe there is a unique lake with pink flamingos, which live there all year round. The city is surrounded by national parks, one of them is the spectacular Cape of Ifach, which stands out in the sea and adorns the sea panorama. It is this panorama that opens from the apartments of the Arenal complex. It is worth emphasizing that the view of the sea opens even from the lower floors of the complex. The town of Calpe is surrounded by mountains, and apart from the sea view, the mountains are visible from the apartments.


The complex Arenal is located near the seaport. He is not large in size, but still handsome and graceful. Snow-white yachts lined up in even rows and the blue of the sea water make this place especially attractive. The quay of the Prince of Asturias runs around the part of Cape Ifach, at its foot, and borders the sea. This is an ideal place for walks among palm trees, steep cliffs and the sea. In the old quarter you can fully experience the Spanish style and plunge into the past. Here, the intertwining of narrow streets with low traditional houses, many of which are painted in bright colors, tiny, but such pretty areas, where cafes, bars and restaurants are located, with tables under the open sky.

The city is easily accessible from the airports of Valencia or Alicante. You can choose either a railway connection or a car connection - the modern Mediterraneo motorway passes by the city. Despite the high tourist attractiveness, the city and the whole infrastructure are active all year round and do not have an obvious seasonality. The infrastructure of Calpe is well developed: a variety of schools, children's educational and development institutions, several medical centers, shopping centers and supermarkets.

Even while you are not in the apartment, the management company will take care of them. The same company can rent your apartment, providing you a stable income and, at the same time, monitoring the safety of your property.

"We are honored that the city administration entrusted us with the construction of the complex directly by the sea, forming the silhouette of the city. We will make every effort and opportunity to create a complex that will decorate the city of Calpe. "- Maxim Barbash, the head of the board of directors of the construction company GEOS.

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