Sunny Side Residence

Location of the complex:
1092, Budapest, Bakáts tér 4.
starts at
2199 Євро/m2


RC “Sunny Side Residence” is a symbiosis of quality, comfort and beauty from a Ukrainian developer in Budapest. One of the most beautiful capitals of Europe has located the new project of BC “GEOS” in the communicative area of the active life of the city. The residential complex “Sunny Side Residence” is being built in an environment of parks and universities, with a saturated and at the same time relaxed pace of life.

The atmosphere of the area will be an inspiration for everyone. Here reigns the spirit of youth, desire for development, business success and measured relaxation of the daily weekend.

Visually, the project represents the future, harmoniously combined with the historical architecture of Budapest. The layouts are designed for both bachelor and family lifestyle. And the quality of materials is on the heritage for generations. For communication with any point of the center, even a bicycle is enough. Convenient road junctions will provide a minute journey without traffic jams on the car or public transport. The residential complex “Sunny Side Residence” is the sunny side of Budapest, breakfasts on a sunlit balcony and the way to any point of the city through its beauty!