Harmony Terrace

Location of the complex:
1092, Budapest, Bakáts tér 4.
starts at
2324 Євро/m2

Contact us by phone for the latest information on availability, pricing and the
purchasing procedure at +361 700 43 43


RC “Harmony Terrace” - comfort, ecology, health, beauty.

Technologies for creating the “Harmony Terrace” residential complex project are a significant contribution to ecology and comfort. Energy saving, waste sorting, eco-building materials and climate control in all apartments are a healthy and happy future for you and for the whole city. In the residential complex “Harmony Terrace”, your day can begin with sunbathing on your own terrace, or maybe with a walk through the green rooftop area.

Due to the fact that the project’s windows face only south, east and west - natural light will be preserved for as long as possible in the room.

5 minutes drive from the project will lead you to the main attractions and places of incredible beauty, such as the Hungarian Parliament Building, Freedom Square, Comedy Theater and others. The main cultural heritage of Hungary is your neighborhood.

In the RC “Harmony Terrace” is a concern for your comfort and health, as well as the environment. Sanity and responsible approach to design has laid the foundation for a happy future for residents of the residential complex “Harmony Terrace” and the city.