Location of the complex:
Kyiv, Kiltseva Rd, 3
starts at
44000 uah/m2

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This project is based on a philosophy that is centered on the elegance and boldness of architectural contours. This is a business class residential complex for connoisseurs of comfort and coziness in the most ecologically clean area of the city.

The residential complex is being built in the Goloseevsky district of Kyiv, which is often called the "lungs of the capital". Thus, Goloseevsky National Park occupies almost 60% of the location, has an area of 141 hectares and is the largest urban park in Europe. According to the capital’s air monitoring stations, the Goloseevsky district demonstrates a lower level of air pollution compared to other residential areas in Kyiv.


The Teremki microdistrict, which is part of the Goloseevsky district, has been actively built up for several years now: for example, just this year, 7 residential complexes will be completed here. Among them - the large-scale project Republic, consisting of 16 houses, and the multi-storey complex Metropolis, the maximum height of which reaches 34 floors. Against this background, GEOS decided to focus on the intimate atmosphere in the SENAT residential complex, the environmental friendliness of building materials and a European-inspired restrained architectural style, the cornerstone of which is not the pompous form, but the high-quality details.

RC SENAT - for the elite

This complex is the quintessence of style, technology and nature. SENAT is a residential complex created not only to satisfy all your needs for the high quality of housing, but also to let you enjoy unity with nature!


The SENAT residential complex is a business-class project consisting of three houses, its own infrastructure and an enclosed area with recreational areas for residents. The first and second houses have two sections, the third has three. Some sections will have a cascading number of floors, but the maximum height is 14 floors. The complex will be constructed using a monolithic-frame technology with walls made of ceramic blocks that are 250 mm thick. The ceramic block is lighter and more energy efficient than red brick, and it is also more environmentally friendly than the gas block. The outer walls of the complex will be insulated with mineral wool that is 150 mm thick. The detailing of the outer walls will be done with clinker bricks and a ventilated facade made of European-made porcelain stoneware. These solutions are modern, aesthetic, durable and energy efficient. Unlike facing bricks, which are made at a temperature of 800-10000 ℃, clinker bricks are made at higher temperatures of 1100-13000 ℃. This gives the material a homogeneous structure, which, in turn, means improved performance.

Commercial premises are planned on the first two floors of the residential complex. The last floors will house two-level apartments with the so-called "second light" - stained-glass windows with a height of two floors. Each house will have designer lobbies with soft furniture and a concierge desk. The residents will be transported to their floors by high-speed silent elevators from KLEEMANN, one of the world's leading companies in the European and international markets. Each section will have four elevators. In order not to violate the privacy of the residents of the complex, the entrance to the commercial premises will be autonomous - with separate elevators not connected to the residential floors.


The new project from the construction company GEOS will be located in the capital's Teremki-3 microdistrict, inbetween the Academy of Labor and the Respublika residential complex. From here, you can access the Teremki metro station by walking, as the distance to it is just 700 m. The ground transport stop is even closer - 100 m from the construction site.

Teremki began to develop actively with the opening of a metro station in the microdistrict in 2013. Over the years, kindergartens, private and public schools, shopping and entertainment centers and other social and commercial infrastructure has appeared here. So, within a kilometer radius from the construction site of the Senat Residential Complex, there are:

  •  shopping and entertainment center Respublika;
  •  kindergartens No. 667, 642, 726, 513, NPK Romashka and Barvinok;
  •  municipal schools № 132, 230, 260 and private educational institutions - International Innovative School, Respublika Kids;
  •  two youth sports schools;
  •  riding club for adults and children at the hippodrome;
  •  construction supermarket Epicenter;
  •  Metro supermarket;
  •  shopping and entertainment center Magellan with an array of boutiques, a food zone, and a movie theater;
  •  sport clubs - iGym, Sport Life, FitCurves.

It should be noted separately that the Respublika shopping and entertainment center is located just 300 meters from the construction site of the SENAT residential complex, and it is scheduled to open at the end of this year. Here, on 300,000 sq. m, there will be more than 500 stores of famous brands, the innovative Neopolis entertainment zone with attractions and a 12-screen cinema, as well as an Oasis, a unique park that is under a dome and blooms all year round. Also, Respublika will have a covered parking for 3,500 cars.


The SENAT residential complex also boasts its own infrastructure. The closed, round-the-clock protected area will feature a modern playground and a sports area with exercise equipment. On the ground floors, various useful services for the residents will open, in particular a large supermarket with an area of 1100 sq. m. Residents of the SENAT residential complex will be able to relax on the open terrace or in the barbecue area, where gazebos will be installed, equipped with everything necessary for a grill party. In a secluded and quiet place, a yoga space will be equipped, where it will be possible for all residents to engage in physical practices and meditation. The developer will pay special attention to the greenery of the complex - since the Goloseevsky district is the greenest in the capital, this theme will be continued in the courtyards of the SENAT residential complex. Green areas here will be designed according to the canons of the modern landscape design.

Residents of the new complex will be able to leave their cars at one of three parking lots. One of them will be above ground, two will be underground. The total number of parking spaces will be 329. Also, each house will have separate storage places for bicycles.


Many years of successful experience in construction and implementation of large-scale projects, as well as experience in the construction of residential complexes not only in Ukraine, but also in Europe, allowed us to combine in the SENAT residential complex the most necessary qualities and characteristics that are key in the business-class housing market.