• 19 July 2019

    GEOS is supporting Kovalska Group

  • 9 July 2019

    GEOS in the TOP 10 developers in the rating of the Ministry of Finance portal

    The main indicator for the distribution of seats is the total number of square meters of LCD, commissioned and put into operation in the third and fourth quarters of 2018!

  • 17 July 2019

    RC Family&Friends july discount

    5% discount on all apartments of the First Quarter ofRC Family & Friends! Choose planning and Already this year, go for repairs.

  • 9 July 2019

    -​15% on promo apartments in LCD "AuRoom"!

    Your best investment advantage is valid till 31.07.2019

  • 11 July 2019

    ​Your personal access to the dream: -15% for three-bedroom apartments in LCD "Alter Ego"!

    BC "GEOS" gives -15% for all three-bedroom apartment business class with documents! The promotion is valid till 31.07.

  • 5 July 2019

    Best offer: LCD "SOHO Residence"

    Offer valid until 31.07.2019​